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Join Free with Weight Watchers Promotion Codes or 50% off in August 2015! Weight Watchers has been around in the weight loss industry for over 50 years and has offered millions of people to help lose weight. The traditional approach of this program is to attend weekly meetings in order to lose weight. You attend weekly meetings, weigh in and then enjoy a great motivational speaker. However, in this busy world, one may find it difficult to find the time to attend weekly meeting. Hence, Weight Watchers offers a solution so that people can still lose weight without attending weekly meetings. It is their Weight Watchers Online program that makes weight loss easy without attending meetings.

Weight Watchers Coupons & Promotion Codes

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Weight Watchers Promotion Code


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What’s New for 2015!

Weight Watchers has just released its newest plan – “Simple Start”.  The Simple Start plan is the latest helpful tool offered by the Weight Watchers program.  The plan replaces the old Weight Watchers 360 plan and focuses on giving you a kick-start to your weight loss journey.  It is a two-week long weight loss plan geared toward getting you on your way to a better and healthier you.  For more information on this new plan, please visit Healthychoicediets.com

What is Weight Watchers Online?

Weight Watchers Online is a tool for weight loss, a motivational group and a recipe book all rolled into one. Weight Watchers Online includes the entire Weight Watchers program that one can find at the weekly meetings and also track all their statistics online.

People can enjoy all the benefits and the motivation required to lose weight that is offered by Weight Watchers for a fairly inexpensive monthly fee. The initial sign up cost for this is only $29.95 and while signing up for Weight Watchers Online one may also have to pay their first month’s fee of $18.95. This brings the total cost to $48.90 during sign up. Unless this membership is cancelled, Weight Watchers continues to charge automatically the monthly fee from the credit card entered during sign up. For people who sign up and pay three months fee of $56.85 in advance, they will be eligible for a $26.82 discount. After this three month period is over, then Weight Watchers will renew their subscription on a regular monthly basis.

How Weight Watchers Online Works:

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Using the Weight Watchers Online method, one can enter their weight, daily food intake and any activity they do. Some individuals may enjoy the graphs that monitor their weight loss as it is great motivation to see it heading down! The Weight Watchers database consists of thousands of foods so that users can quickly figure how many points they have used for that particular day if they are following the Momentum program that uses points. The point system assigns every food a value based on the fat, calories and fiber content in it. Foods low in fat and calorie and high in fiber have less point value than high fat, high calorie foods. Every individual is given a particular number of points to eat every day, in addition some flexible points for every each week to use in special occasions.

The recipe builder option is the one factor that many users enjoy. This recipe builder function helps the users to input their own recipes and find what the point value is per serving. It is an eye opening feature from Weight Watchers. Also, using the recipe builder feature one can adjust their personal recipes to make it healthier as well.

In addition to this, one can add in any activities they have done and get these points added into their day. They can use those points for an extra snack if they like! It is really amazing to find the different things that are considered activities in this Weight Watchers Online program.

Weight Watchers Online is available for both men and women are there are various healthy recipes to choose from. The Weight Watchers website is set up so well and is very easy to use which not a common thing among weight loss industry. Most of the weight loss websites are a bit tricky because they try to disguise the food or their prices they offer. Weight Watchers does not hide anything from its users as their website is straight forward and to the point.

A physical activity like vacuuming the floor for 30 minutes can be counted as a physical activity in this weight watchers online program! For individuals who are just starting their journey on weight loss, this feature is a very nice option. It educates the users that any physical activity is better than doing nothing. As the individual progresses through the weight watchers online program they will find other physical activities that they can enjoy and that can also replace vacuuming!

Weight Watchers Online offers various unique advantages compared to its traditional meetings based Weight Watchers program. They include:

Convenience: Weight Watchers Online provides users what they want and need from a weight loss program without having to go out of their way. Weight Watchers Online is a great way to get support from a community without having to travel to various places to attend meetings. For people who live in isolated areas it can be really hard to attend and make group meetings. Also, some individuals do not thrive in such types of environment. So Weight Watchers Online can be an excellent tool to help people learn what they need to do to eat healthfully.

Flexibility: If one still wants to be part of the traditional Weight Watchers meeting scenario, they can use Weight Watchers Online program to provide encouragement during the six days between meetings or to reinforce the available information from the meetings.

Cost Effective: Joining Weight Watchers Online reduces cost when compared to the standard meeting based scenario. It provides you with everything that Weight Watchers has to offer at a significantly lower cost.

The Weight Watchers Online program is there whenever it is needed. One can access Weight Watchers Online 24 hours a day, seven days a week and exactly find what they need in the way of helpful suggestions, encouragement for their struggles or the camaraderie of like-minded people in pursuit of the same goals they are. They need not wait until next week’s meeting to find any reinforcement.

Weight Watchers Online is a proven system for weight loss. The program uses sensible approach of moderation as well as physical activity. Here, no food is restricted, but one can learn very quickly what they can eat to stay within their points range. The Weight Watchers program has been used by millions of people and has lost weight and this online program makes weight loss much easier in everyone’s busy lives.

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