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Save 15% with OMC Gear Coupons in December 2014! OMC Gear is an extremely popular company that offers all types of gears for the adventure enthusiasts who love to participate in mountain climbing, snow sports, hiking and camping etc. OMC Gear is your one stop solution for purchasing these types of adventure equipments and traveling accessories. These adventure sports are not for the weak people and likewise the products at OMC Gear perfectly complement this adventure spirit because of their premium quality. Only the products from the best manufacturers are sold at OMC Gear and you can completely trust the quality, ruggedness of these products which are apt for usage in extreme weather conditions.

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OMC Gear Review
eomc_120The company which is headquartered at Portland has been the number one choice of adventure sports enthusiasts since more than three decades. Some of the items that can be purchased from OMC Gear include sturdy ropes, bags, pulleys, axes, mountaineering tools, bottles, first aid kits, tents, knives, luggage items etc at very affordable prices. Apart from these items you can also buy all types of fashionable clothing items, footwear and accessories for men and women. You can get discounts too by using OMC Gear coupons while shopping.

Mountaineering and Snow Expedition
If you are a rock climber then OMC Gear will seem like heaven to you because this immensely popular retailing company offers you rock climbing gear in `precision sizes’ because only an adventure sports enthusiast understands the importance of correctly sized gear which ensures complete safety. You can buy products like pulleys, chains, carabiners, harnesses, climbing holds, helmets, rappel, special rock climbing footwear, slings etc from the OMC Gear store in more than 100 size variations.

So, you’re not going to be disappointed in finding the product f your liking. OMC Gear offers products from all the reputed adventure gear brands like Evolv, Fire ten, Trango, Scarpa, Petzl etc. Carabiners can be bought from OMC Gear for as less as $7.95 as starting price. Special mountaineering tools from OMC Gear are a rage in the market because of their genuineness and quality. Sturdy mountaineering equipment can be bought from OMC Gear which can provide incomparable performance in extreme weather conditions too.

You can choose from special high friction boots, axes, crampons, ice glasses and many other accessories for handling icy surroundings. The premium quality ice trekking boots can be bought in the range of $170-$350 from the OMC Gear collection. OMC Gear is offering a seasonal summer discount where you can use the OMC Gear coupon to purchase items at 20% discount. This amazing offer can be utilized by using the OMC Gear coupon code `TAKE 20’ which needs to be simply declared while paying for the items in your shopping cart.

Camping and Hiking Products
OMC Gear is also known for its wide collection of high strength gear to be used during camping or hiking expeditions. Special camping gear chosen from the best brands in the market has been included in the OMC Gear collection. These items are available at discounted prices using OMC Gear coupon which can be collected from online coupon stores. Tents, backpacks, hammocks, water reservoirs, sleeping bags, trekking poles, portable water filtering equipment, shelters etc can be bought from the camping gear collection of OMC gear.

Some extremely necessary accessories to be used during camping expeditions like sharp knives, direction compass, headlights, gear repairing kits, survival kits, watches, maps, seating items etc can also be bought in very reasonable prices from this popular store. In fact you don’t have to look elsewhere for portable kitchen equipments to be used during hiking as OMC Gear store can offer you products like stove, pots, mug, plates, cooking utensils, towels, packaged food, food storing units etc. You can get huge discounts on these products by simply using online OMC Gear coupons which can bring down the total purchasing costs to a low.

Amazing Discounts on Snow Sports Gear
You can get prepared for your next snow sport adventure trip by upgrading your equipments by purchasing branded gear from OMC Gear. With the summer season sale going on it is just the right time to stock up your snow sports gear. OMC Gear coupon offering 20% discount is applicable on many items from the snow sports gear collection too. OMC Gear store offers high quality equipment for alpine touring, Nordic skiing etc like Goggles, luggage for skiing, glide wax, grip wax, base klister etc. Famous brands like Alpina, G3, Dynafit, 22 Designs etc host their products in discounted prices at the OMC Gear store.

You should also buy rugged snow shoes from OMC Gear by using the OMC Gear coupon to reduce to purchasing as well as shipping costs. Snow probes, shovels, saws, snow disc etc are some other offerings from OMC Gear. If you purchase OMC Gear products from its outlet then you can get another 10% discount using OMC Gear coupon. There is a certain OMC Gear coupon which helps you in getting massive rebates on your shipping charges too. You can get completely free shipping using this OMC Gear coupon if your order amount is greater than $50.

Other Accessories and Luggage
Apart from traditional adventure sports equipments and accessories, OMC Gear store is also exceptionally famous for its classy collection of luggage, footwear, men’s clothing and women’s clothing items. You can get a discount of $35-50 if you purchase camping duffels from OMC Gear by using the OMC Gear coupon. Travel pack, messenger bags, wheeled carrier items etc from OMC gear can be brought from known brands like Dakine, Marmot, Eagle Creek, Osprey, Gregory etc. Footwear items for men and women like shoes, sandals, trekking boots etc can be bought.

All these footwear items are extremely stylish too apart from being durable. The adult clothing items sold by OMC Gear include shirts, shorts, undergarments, pants, jackets, vests, socks, belts, watches, scarves, gloves etc. Apart from these you can buy beautiful travel hats too from the OMC Gear range. The usage of OMC Gear discount coupons usage is extremely profitable because you can directly save cash from your shopping expenses without compromising on the products’ quality.

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