Norton Coupon Code 2015: Up to $20 off with Promo Codes in August

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Get up to $40 off with Norton 360 Coupon Codes and Promotions in August 2015! Symantec is a computer software company that sells a number of computer security programs under the Norton name. The programs that are available from the company include several choices for individual home needs, small businesses and even large enterprises with 250 or more employees. The company has been in operation for around thirty years now. It has been focusing on security products for years as a means of protecting homes and businesses from the many threats that can show up online. The products come in many forms and are used for every protective measure that a computer might need.

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Norton Review

norton coupon codeThe company sells several useful programs for home and business needs. The company sells programs dedicated to protecting computers and their data features. The company sells a number of easy to use products for all sorts of specific plans. These include many items that are used for virus and malware protection. Other products include family protection programs used to keep computers from accessing harmful spots that might not be family-friendly.

Many business solutions are also available from the site. These include security programs used to protect data from other users. Encryption programs are used to protect data as it is being transferred from one spot to the next. This is all run to keep a computer protected from anyone who might try and steal data. It is particularly important considering how many identity thieves use online transmissions to steal data from other people.

Norton Products

The specific products sold by Symantec include many in the Norton line of computer security.

Norton 360
Norton 360 is by far the most popular product for sale. This home security product uses a consistent layer of protection on a computer to make sure that any threats that come onto it are identified and blocked as needed. It even works with a series of identity protection materials used to prevent online thieves from trying to steal information.

Norton Internet Security
Norton Internet Security is another popular product for sale from the company. It is made with a system that allows a customer to get full online protection by identifying incoming threats on any computer that goes online. This is all done in real time to prevent viruses and spam from showing up on a computer. It is used to also protect a computer from serious risks that often come with data being shared incorrectly.

Norton Antivirus
Norton AntiVirus is also used in many households. It not only identifies viruses but also scans computers to find and remove viruses and other harmful files that might compromise the quality of a computer.

Norton One
Norton One is a relatively new product that is used to protect multiple devices in the same home. It has support for a 25 GB online data storage spot. It can even be used on five or ten devices depending on the program contract. In addition, this program may be used on any Windows, Mac OS or Android device, thus giving the program a sense of universality.

Norton for Businesses

The products that Symantec sells for work use include many of the most important programs that any business may need. Symantec Endpoint Protection is used to identify viruses and to protect a business system from them. It can be controlled with a cloud-based system without the need to get any new hardware installed in the process.

Some backup and recovery programs are available as well. Symantec Backup will backup Windows PCs and servers with a cloud-based system. Again, this does not require any hardware for it to run properly.

Backup Exec is also available for backup purposes. It also uses cloud-based procedures for servers to take advantage of. However, Backup Exec also has the ability to backup items onto disks, tapes or to third-party cloud systems that are not associated with Symantec. Applications can be recovered through this program just as well. This is made with more advanced features than what Backup uses. Businesses should compare these two programs together to see which backup solution is needed for one’s needs.

Encryption programs are also featured in the company’s lineup. Symantec Drive Encryption is specifically used for scrambling data as it is being transferred from one site to another. This is used to keep unauthorized users from trying to break into data and to read it for different purposes.

Server management programs are also available for use. The Symantec Ghost Solution Suite is made to allow people to access different computers in a server from many spots. This is convenient for those who need consistent coverage when finding information online and with controlling computers with ease.

norton coupon

Symantec/Norton Promotions

Most of the promotional features from Symantec include offers where a customer can use a special Norton coupon code for covering multiple items for multiple years. These include cases where a person can receive a license that lasts for two or three years instead of one. The cost per year of coverage will go down based on what people have.

Also, the cost will go down based on the number of computers that will be licensed to use the program. Different programs will be made with licenses that only work for a certain number of people at a time.

It should particularly be mentioned that the programs are all used to where only a few computers can use the same program at a given time. This involves the use of one software program and access code being used on a few places. This is done primarily to make sure that clients do not try to copy their products. However, it is also done to make sure that appropriate accounts can be set up for individual customers. This might make the process of maintaining such a program a little easier to run.

Symantec and its series of Norton products may be among the most important products for anyone to find when it comes to getting any kind of system up and running.

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