FTD Coupon Codes: 25% off Coupons & Free Shipping in September 2014

by Heather Paige on September 25, 2014

ftd coupon code

Get 20% – 50% off & Free Shipping with FTD Coupon Codes in September 2014! FTD, or Florists’ Transworld Delivery, is a company that has been delivering flowers to homes around the United States ever since the company was formed in 1910. The company started delivering flowers through telegraph requests but it eventually moved on to phone services and now to online sales.

FTD Coupon Codes

Note: The 50% offer is not available in September, However grab a great 25% off!
Savings activated at Checkout!

25% off select Flowers

25% off select Flowers, Gifts, and Plants from FTD!
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expires 11/01/2016

(9.16-9.26) Starting at $24.99 – Count Your Blessings Fall Bouquet from FTD

(9.16-9.26) 50% off Fall Favorite Orange Burst Bouquet from FTD

(9.16-9.26) Calla Lilies – September Flower of the Month from FTD

(9.5-9.26) $29.99 Top Selling Birthday Bouquet – Lavender Fields from FTD

(9.24-9.28) 20% off SITEWIDE on Flowers and Gifts from FTD

Shop our newest BHG bouquets, plants, and more – exclusively at FTD!

Check out our new, expertly designed Vera Wang bouquets from FTD

Shop FTD’s premier brands and exclusive arrangements backed by the Women’s Choice Award.

Save on Chocolate Dip Delights Hand-dipped artisan chocolate treats for any occasion!

Save on gifts that sparkle from the jewelry shop at FTD!

Gourmet Gift baskets are great for any occasion – Choose from name brands like Godiva, Ghirardelli, Mrs. Fields, Starbucks & More!

Shop and save on birthday flowers, plants, gift baskets and jewelry from FTD!

Shop and save on birthday flowers, plants, gift baskets and jewelry from FTD!

New job, big promotion, ace the big test – send congratulations with flowers & gifts from FTD!

Send congratulations on the new baby with flowers, plants and gifts from FTD!

Anniversary, new romance, first date? Send flowers & gifts from FTD!

Gourmet Gift baskets are great for any occasion – Choose from name brands like Godiva, Ghirardelli, Mrs. Fields, Starbucks & More!

Send warm wishes for a speedy recovery with get well flowers & gifts from FTD!

Same day delivery for flowers and plants from FTD!

The best birthdays start here – flowers, plants and gifts from FTD!

Fall flowers, plants and gifts from FTD!

FTD Flowers are a beautiful way to express your heartfelt condolences

Flowers, plants and gifts from FTD!

The FTD College Rose Collection is a beautiful way to show your school spirit!

Same day delivery for flowers and plants from FTD!

The best birthdays start here – flowers, plants and gifts from FTD!

Fall flowers, plants and gifts from FTD!

Send some sparkle with the FTD Jewelry Collection! Shop now on necklaces, bracelets, and more from FTD!

Shop products $35 and under from FTD!

FTD Flowers Fresh from the Farm – 7 day freshness guaranteed or your money back!

Shop our exclusive collection of Chocolate Dip Delights from FTD. 100% real chocolate, hand dipped for your special occasion!

Shop and save 25% off select birthday flowers and gifts from FTD!

Express your sympathy with flowers, plants, and gift baskets from FTD.

Check out the new FTD Garden Shop with plants from the BHG Collection, the Spring Collection, and more!

Starting at $19.99 – Shop and save today on Chocolate Dip Delights exclusively at FTD

Shop the new FTD Jardin Collection and send simple bouquets from the garden.

Save on gifts from FTD. Sweets, wine, or giftbaskets – FTD has it all!

Customize your gift starting at $19.99! Send that something special and save from FTD!

Special Delivery! Let the stork also deliver flowers to mom & baby! Shop Now and save 10%!

Forget your Wedding Anniversary? Save 10% and enjoy same day florist delivery through FTD!

Special Delivery! Let the stork also deliver flowers to mom & baby! Shop Now and save 10%!

FTD Review

ftd coupon codes
Today people can buy flowers from FTD online and ship them to any place that they want to send them. The company sells many different products for all kinds of delivery purposes. These products are made to give anyone access to quality flowers. These flowers are beautiful and appealing for all.

In fact, FTD has gone beyond just selling flowers. The site also sells gift baskets and other items for special occasions of all sorts. The products for work well for all kinds of desires that customers may have when it comes to giving gifts beyond flowers.

FTD Products

The store sells a number of floral bouquets. The company sells products that are arranged in many forms based on different occasions. These include products for anniversaries, birthdays, get well events, new baby celebrations, sympathy events and even bouquets for just saying thanks to someone.

The site can deliver these flowers to a number of different locations. There are even some international delivery services for customers to take advantage of. A customer in the United States can ship flowers over to a variety of countries like Brazil, Canada, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Spain among many others.

Other products of interest are available for delivery through FTD. The Sweet Shop has a number of chocolate and candy products for sale. These products include a few from Ghirardelli, one of the world’s most popular chocolate companies.

Gift baskets are also included through the site. The gift baskets for sale include many products with all sorts of special treats. These include baskets with candies, coffee and chocolates.

Plants are also available through the site. These plants are designed with a series of different forms including bonsai trees, miniature rose plants and more. These are often prepared with their own bases and potting mixes to make it easier for anyone to take care of these plants and to keep them in use for a while.

The products are arranged on the site based on many factors. These include such important points as the different kinds of flowers that they come with and even the colors that they are found in. These are all used to create colors and appearances that are often easy for people to use for all kinds of purposes.

The products also include items from a large variety of brands. Some of the most popular brand names to take a look at include Better Homes and Gardens, Godiva, Jane Seymour Silk Botanicals, Orrefors Crystal, Steuben and Vera Wang. These brands are arranged in their own specific sections to offer different items that might be of particular use to certain people.

Popular FTD Products

A number of different flowers can be found on the site. There are many bouquets dedicated to specific plants like roses, tulips and lilies.

The most popular flowers are actually the roses. These products are designed to come in several colors and are often accented by a number of different vases and accessory plants. FTD particularly sells these in many quantities and can even include a few accent products like teddy bears, balloons and many other products.

Silk Flowers
There are also silk flowers for sale on the site. These bouquets are made with cotton materials alongside recycled plastic items on the stems. These are made as flowers that can be displayed in any spot forever without having to worry about them dying off anytime soon. This is particularly useful for those who want to have something that is easy to use and take care of as needed.

Cookie Bouquets
Cookie bouquets and platters are also available through FTD. These products feature cookies from Mrs. Fields, one of the world’s most popular cookie companies.

Wine baskets
Wine baskets included on the website. Wine baskets are made with a few bottles of wine and a series of additional items like cheese and crackers. These baskets even include wines from such high-end names as Cristal, Dom Perignon and Veuve Clicquot.

College Roses
Some of the most popular products include items from the College Rose section of the site. This section includes a number of floral products that are designed in the colors of dozens of different NCAA schools. These include roses that are bi-colored to match up with different school colors. For example, a person can buy a bouquet of red and white roses with a University of Louisville base for a fan of the Louisville Cardinals. Meanwhile, a bouquet of roses for Miami will feature green and orange colors alongside an orange vase.

Spa Gifts
There are even spa gifts of interest for people to use. These spa gifts include a variety of items that feature bath products, scented items and many more. These are all prepared in their own particular baskets and may even include some special colors depending on what a customer might be interested in using.

FTD Discounts & Promotional Offers

People can find products on the site in a variety of forms. Some of these products have consistently low prices that are arranged in specific sections that include values of $75 or less. There is even a section that goes all the way down to gifts that are $35 or less to get.

However, some promotional offers may be used on some products depending on what people can find. The sales for use will vary by each product and the time of the year. Some items may have discounts of fifteen percent or more depending on what is available.

FTD Coupon Codes – 4.7 out of 5 based on 257 votes.

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