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1800Contacts Coupon Codes can save you up to $40 this August 2015! 1800Contacts is the world’s largest optical solutions provider in terms of contact lenses and has been at the top of its industry for many years. Its constantly upgrading services have brought immense appreciation from its millions of customers worldwide. The company’s strategic practice of providing exact replica of the customer’s old contact lenses or proving precision contact lenses based on the doctor’s prescription has kept its market reputation undented and trustworthy.

1800Contacts Coupon Codes

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1-800 Contacts Review

The customer service provided by 1800Contacts has unique attributes which are seldom seen in the customer service of any other big enterprise. The excellence in service achieved by 1800Contacts has kept its share of repeat customers unaltered and the number is ever increasing.
Largest Contact Lens Store
1800contacts couponFinding desired contact lenses with 1800Contacts is almost guaranteed due to its more than 15 million varieties of contact lenses’. These huge numbers of contact lenses never disappoint the customers who get their desired design in contact lens of any specification because they are always in stock. Whether you are looking for colored fashionable contact lenses, 24 hour disposal lenses, myopic/hypermetropic/astigmatism contact lenses, monthly disposable ones or bifocal lenses, this Megastore has each and every variety available with numerous color options.

1800Contacts engages in the retail of the top four contact lens manufacturers in the world namely `Johnson and Johnson’, `Coopervision’, `Bausch and Lomb’ and lastly `CIBA Vision’. With more than 130 brands of contact lenses available for shopping how come a customer be disappointed with the product range! It even consists of some good quality of lens cleansing and eye drops solutions too.

Buying From 1800Contacts Makes Life Simple
Each and every eye is different and has specific needs. The diameter of the corona, the focal point of the eyes and their sensitivity varies from person to person. Therefore it becomes mandatory to get the eyes checked with an eye specialist to see which type of contact lens would suit you and under what brands they are available. That’s the reason that 1800Contacts Company focuses so much on medical prescription of contact lenses for every purchase so that you don’t feel eye discomfort. Finding that specific lens from market is a cumbersome task and that’s when this company makes life simple with its free home delivery service.

Optical Insurance is Hassle Free
Majority of the people all over the world enjoy the benefits of health insurances that cover eye care expenses too. All the people who buy contact lenses for eyesight correction can savor the benefits of optical insurance with 1800Contacts. This company is approved by almost all of the eye care insurance companies because of the strong market reputation of this company. By using the purchasing bill from 1800Contacts it gets very easy to claim the money spent on eye lenses. That is a super benefit associated with this renowned company.

Extremely Customer Friendly Website
The website of 1800Contacts has been very well designed and it is extremely user friendly. Whether you want to see the product range or want to know about the types of lenses, everything is so well oriented and easy to locate. The content is up to date and easily comprehendible which provides complete specifications of each and every type of contact lenses available. The speed of navigation on the website from one column to another is quick.

One important noticeable feature is that the website consists of many `learn how to’ areas which help even a new user in understanding the process of ordering. Another relieving feature is that the website of 1800Contacts Company is completely devoid of irritating and distracting advertisements. All these factors account for a brilliant buying experience from 1800Contacts.

Mobile App’s Simplifies the Ordering Process
The ordering process at this eye lens store is very simple consisting of uploading the contact lens prescription, filling out billing information and paying through secure payment options inclusive of Visa Cards, PayPal, Master Cards etc. But 1800Contacts has come up with a latest mobile app which makes the ordering easier and cheaper with additional 5% discounts on ordering through this mobile app. Features like easy scanning of lens box, searching local eye specialist through GPS, scanning credit card with the mobile phone camera, easy reordering and free shipping make this mobile app extremely useful for customers.

Customers Adore 1800Contacts
This company is vouched as the best place to buy contact lenses with many ordering options like online ordering, phone, fax or emails. Customers’ comfort and satisfaction from service is given utmost priority in the business guidelines of 1800Contacts Company. Its customer service facilities are literally unmatched with its numerous customer care representatives who directly speak to you upon calling them unlike the machine voice dealing which is usually encountered. The customer service is available on all days of the week. To make its customers feel special, 1800Contacts also offers hassle free product return policy. The company even funds the return shipping expenses. With its genuine service, the company is adored by the customers.

Lowest Price Guarantee
All the products at this biggest contact lens provider are offered at the least price available for that particular brand in the market. 1800Contacts has a special policy for all its customers which comprises of a `20/20 guarantee’. If a customer finds any other place offering the original contact lens at a lesser price than 1800Contacts, then the company offers that product at 2% lesser than the minimum rate of that product in the market. Isn’t this awesome?

Apart from this, huge discounts are offered on products occasionally that even amount to 60-90% rebates. 1800Contacts coupons are extremely popular among buyers too who can avail various direct discounts. These discount coupons are extremely easy to use. At the end of ordering, you just have to mention the 1800Contacts coupon code to utilize it.

1800Contacts Service Overview
1800Contacts has become the top retailer in the market of contact lenses due to its constant efforts to please its customers. The free shipping provided to all its customers, the exceptional customer support, the variety of contact lenses and the least prices of products are some of the remarkable services provided by this company.

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